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The GT / Cepek CTIS Hardware and Kits for the Hummer H1 consists of Stainless Steel Braided CTIS Lines designed specifically to fit GT / Cepek Wheels, and Factory Steel or Aluminum Wheels and incorporates a unique quick disconnect dual isolating system on each hub fitting allowing the operator to simply disconnect and fully isolate the wheel in seconds. No more disconnecting one side and quickly running to the other side of your H1 to isolate the wheels.

Centeral Tire Inflation System (CTIS) Kits

Hidden CTIS Kit
Exposed CTIS Kit


GT / Cepek Wheels (all sizes)
AMG Factory Wheel
GT / Cepek Hidden CTI Line
Engraved GT Round Coupler

CTIS Kit Pictures

  CTIS Quick Release Installed
  Backside of Center Cap after being machined to accept Quick Release
  Quick Release line for Factory Aluminum Wheels
  Engraved G T Round Head Coupler
  Line size explanation
  CTIS Lines with Air Valves installed
  Three basic CTI line types
Billet Hub
Billet Hub - Engraved
Billet Hub
Chrome 16.5 Simulock
Chrome 16.5 Simulock
Lynch Billet Hub Protector
Lynch Billet Hub Protector