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Franco's Hummer H1 Testimony
Hello Tom & Sharon,

Just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for all your help, expertise, and products you manufacture for Hummer H1 vehicles. I recently had a major restoration and re-engineering performed on my 1992 4DHT LE truck including all new Engine, Driveline and Transmission components. Among the many things that I also wanted to upgrade on this first-year vehicle, was the handling (Shocks) and wheel/tire weight performance, without sacrificing the rugged military look of the vehicle.

As you know, there are many cheap knock-off choices in the aftermarket world when it comes to Rim selection that claim they will fit a Hummer. NONE of them are designed to meet the weight load or off-set requirements of the AMG Hummer. I would accept no less than a fully Hummer weight -rated Rims for my truck... That left me with 2 legitimate choices. (1) Brand new aluminum AMGeneral 2-piece rims (which simply do not have the look that would work on my particular truck), or (2) the many choices of Cepek 1-piece Aluminum rims.

With your help, I decided on the fully blacked-out, 8-hole 17" rims with simulated Beadlocks and all new CTIS system components. These would replace my original 2-piece, 16.5" Steel Factory rims which were substantially heavier than your aluminum Rims, and considerably out of round compared to your perfectly machined product. Mounted on your made in America rims are 40" Good Year Wrangler MTR Tires. Even with the larger than stock tires, your rim and tire combintaion weigh in considerably less than my old stock 16.5" Rims with the normal sized 37" tires mounted!

Coupled with these Rims I added the fully adjustable Cepek Shocks. In a word, the trucks' handling and drive-ability has been transformed! Wheel hop has vanished, and any shaking or vibration the truck previously had has been reduced to practically negligible (a minor miracle when driving on 40" Tires!). I cannot thank you enough for making such high-quality components, and for all your time and patience on the countless phone conversations we had about the best set-up my truck would need using your products. All the best and continued success to you with your GT Products!

Regards,br /> Franco Skilan

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