Quality Hummer Products by G.T. Incorporated

G. T. Incorporated was created in 1994 by Tom & Sharon Cepek to distribute the Hummer Products that we've designed, developed, and marketed, specifically for the Hummer H1, H2, & H3 vehicles.

Our goal is to increase the number of those product offerings with unique products of our own design and manufacture, while at the same time providing the highest quality available to the Hummer Owner.

Our affiliations and experience for the past 65 years in the light truck automotive aftermarket are wide and varied, including, but not limited to, one of the sponsors of Rod Hall International for almost 30 years, 30 years as a member of S.E.M.A., 1986 SEMA Person of the Year, former owners of Dick Cepek, Inc., Four Wheel Drive Instructor for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, and named Retailer of the Year by a prominent magazine publishing group.

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G. T. Incorporated takes pride in our ability to create quality products. As well, our customers take pride in the everlasting quality and workmanship in the products they receive, whether being used on the road, or through dense off-road terrain!

Below are a few of our customer testimonials we have received. To view pictures, and more information click on the testimony.

Greg Phillips

Hummer H1


"After adding Cepek shocks onto my H1, handling improved dramatically. I operate racing schools and track events so I'm at my local race track frequently. Of course I'm going to do some laps in the Hummer from time to time - and what a big difference the Cepek shocks have made to my truck. Body control has improved dramatically, especially in transitions, and brake dive has also been reduced. In every way the handling was improved. This also translates to street use - especially with respect to safety. It's my opinion that my truck is notably safer in emergency avoidance and braking maneuvers on the street. Cepek shocks are a quality product that function beyond what you might expect. I'm delighted with my Cepek shocks. "


Hummer H1

"..... I had a chance to drive it alot today. They are a night to day comparison to the old ones. I had no idea that the shocks did that much. It corrected a number of issues including the bad shakes, crashing sounds and vibrations on undeveloped roads. Handling now is unbelievable for what this Hummer is. I took several tight exit ramps at double the speed limit with no slip at all on the 4/3 setting. I decided not to play with the adjustments yet - the control capability on the road far exceeds how I will be driving it most of the time and the ride on semi-decent roads and RR tracks is so much improved I would almost call it comfortable. Although I am thinking I will eventually end up dialing it up until I can't stand the ride comfort just because the corning performance of this beast is so impressive.

Interesting side note, the 3-5 mph dip test didn't really tell me anything when I tried it with the old shocks - maybe it was hard for me to watch and count the extra cycles of the springs or I didn't use a big enough dip. One thing I did notice is when I was changing shocks is I would manually (outside of the vehicle) put a jounce on a shock and check the cycles comparing a cepek to an old one. It was more evident when I had them to compare side by side. The cepeks stopped dead center - the old ones bounced 1 or 2 additional cycles. ...."


Hummer H1

North Carolina "Just finished my Cepek shock instsll on my H1 last night. I have never driven any other H1's but mine ,so I did not know how bad mine rode.Wow is all I can say . I didn't think shocks could make such a difference. My truck used to rattle, shake, and bounce just like a a dump truck or a military truck now it rides smooth, hugs curves and floats down the road. Anyway, I should have put on shocks before a winch that I used once or a bed rack w/sliders that I will make a deal on to anyone who can come get it. I just want to say Thanks Tom for a quality product."

Travis DePew

Hummer H1 Alpha

Ohio " Obviously, I have been sold on your Shocks as they soften up the ride tremendously when used with our Suspension Kit and I highly recommend to everyone that installs our kit to also install your Shocks. It is however, rare that I have a chance to drive a stock truck for any length of time before installing your Shocks and drive it afterward to tell the difference.

The last Shocks you sent me went into the Wife's Alpha. This particular truck is THE best riding/driving truck I have EVER been in prior to installing your Shocks. To the point that I really didnt want to mess with installing new springs for fear of degrading the ride. I installed the Unarmored Humvee Springs in the front to cure the sag that all of the Alphas have and I installed 3/8 Spacers in the Rear to level the truck back out. While I was there, I also decided to install your Shocks to replace the factory shocks. I set them at 5 in the front and 4 in the rear. I drove it this past weekend and all I can say is WOW! I could not imagine that the ride could get any better but your Shocks definitely improved an already outstanding ride and made it ever better.

Just FYI."

Travis DePew