Jeep Custom Wheels

GT / Cepek 17" X 8.5 12 Spoke Beadlock Race Wheels

These wheels are made specifically for Jeeps that have been converted to Portal (Geared Hub) Axles, and have a Bolt Pattern on the Portals of 8 on 6.5".

These wheels have an 8.0" backside setting, +83mm offset to bring the track width back closer to stock when installing Portal Axles, but if you want a wider track width, they are also available in a 7.0" back side setting which is a +50mm offset.

Our 12 Spoke Beadlock is designed and machined to use the BFG Inner Liner, and the BFG Baja T/A tire in the 37/12.50R-17 size, without further modification.

If using the BFG Tire and the Inner liner, you must specify that when ordering, as the wheel needs to be machined with two valve holes, one for the tire and one for the inner liner.

The normal configuration is one valve hole as most will not use an inner liner.

The 12 Spoke Beadlock can be used with virtually any tire, but with larger tires that have thicker bead bundles you may need to use one or more shim kits with the wheel to make sure that the tire is being clamped properly.

Also shown are the Time Serts, (Heli Coils) that are used in the wheel to eliminate aluminum thread wear out, and allows for lots of tire changes without problem.

Time Serts are normally Carbon Steel, but for those with a lot of water running, we can also substitute the Stainless version. Depending on the tire size and use of the vehicle, we use either 0.450" or 0.620" length inserts.